Queensland Times, Thursday 24 October 1935

The Ipswich Amateur Turf Club fortunately is alive to the urgent need for general improvements to buildings at the Bundamba course. The official stand has been enlarged by a Press room and weighing room. Jockeys now have ample room for themselves on the lower floor. Previously the press men worked in the stewards’ room but now the have a room to themselves, and the stewards are located in a large room at the far end of the top floor.

It is understood that the public stand will be the next building to be treated. The building has stood practically untouched for years, and, to state it bluntly, is rather an eyesore for a progressive club. A coat of paint at least is urgently needed, while minor alterations would improve its appearance. The totalisator board has been improved. From a small blackboard hung sideways, it has developed to a large board easily seen from the front of the totalisators. Doubtless the official flag of the IATC holds many associations, but memories and associations might be forsaken with advantage in the provision of a flag at the top of the mast which is not torn. The presentation ensign really is dilapidated for instead of one end flapping in the breeze there are 50 minor ends.


The start of the first race at Bundamba yesterday was delayed through the mislaying of the marbles utilised for giving the positions of horses at the barrier. A hurried search by all officials handy failed to located ‘alleys’ and finally the names of horses and barrier positions were placed and draw from a hat. Subsequently, it was found that the caretaker, believing the marbles had been left out by accident, had placed them beneath the safe. A visitor to the course offered the club some advice: “Don’t worry, you’ll get your marbles back!”

Excellent fields and attendance should be the order at the next meeting of the Ipswich A. T. C. when the main event will be the Ipswich Gold Cup – The meeting will be held on November 6, the day following the Melbourne Cup.

1935 – Faith Australia carrying 7 stone 8 ounces won the Ipswich Gold Cup.

1936 – Bernie Ross carrying 8 stone 6 ounces won the Ipswich Cup.