Infrastructure project on rise

Posted by on Jan 23, 2018

Infrastructure project on rise

NOW that the holiday period is complete and builders are back on the job, the work on the ITC Infrastructure project will hopefully quickly gain momentum.

Initial works have already commenced as preparations are made for the new Sky Racing Broadcast facilities to enable continued broadcasting of Ipswich race meetings.

This phase involves a new position for the Broadcast Truck, a temporary hosting point during the construction phase, and an upgrade of all Sky, Tote and AV equipment with a new facility to house those items.

The successful tenderer for the main project will commence works on the Viewing Terrace roof, a new roof over the Eyeliner Lounge, and repainting of the entire site.

IMG_1102The major project is the erection of the jockeys and steward’s rooms below a new Member’s Lounge and Events Centre.

This centre will allow for function sizes of up to 300 people in different forms with two separate lounges separated by a removable wall.

As well as serving as a Member’s Lounge on race days, this centre will allow for major events such as awards nights, gala balls, and presentation nights, as well as providing a new, modern, state of the art wedding reception venue for the Ipswich region and western corridor.

The current timing is to complete this major facility and upgraded stewards and jockeys room by September of this year.

Subsequent to that time there will be further stages involving car parking and new or refurbished raceday stalls.

Another element of the project is works on the course proper track. This work has already commenced and is a long- term project with an end in sight of an improved drainage track with more healthy root zones and an increase in cushioning of the surface.

The items making up this project are irrigation improvement, machinery assistance, and top dress material to be supplied by Racing Queensland over an extended period of time.

The details of each of these areas are firstly in the irrigation component, to install a new pump and irrigation lines to ensure a more consistent flow of irrigation water.

Secondly there will be equipment purchased by Racing Queensland as part of the infrastructure project in relation to the track. These are a new mower/vac, a sand and fertiliser spreader, and an aerator. This equipment will assist in loosening the compaction of the top layer of the surface to return to more cushioned racing conditions over time.

Additionally, Racing Queensland will supply top dress material to assist in returning to a cushioned surface along with fertiliser specifically tailored to the Ipswich Racetrack conditions.

The sum of all of these infrastructure initiatives will result in a completely different Ipswich Turf Club facility, creating an contemporary modern facility at the historic club.

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