QT: Cup Day is aiming to break sunnies record

Posted by on Apr 21, 2015

QT: Cup Day is aiming to break sunnies record

IPSWICH Turf Club has made a name for its Cup Day by thinking outside the square but this one is out of the blue and out of this world.

As part of the promotion and celebration for Ipswich Cup Day, the most popular race day in Queensland, the club has decided to try to break a Guinness World Record.

No, it’s not for the most people on a provincial racetrack, the fastest racehorse or even for the most number of plastic beer cups stacked on top of each other.

It’s for the most number of people wearing sunglasses at night.

That’s right. In the spirit of the 1980s Corey Hart classic, Ipswich Turf Club wants to break a Guinness World Record.

In the same vein as having DJ Havana Brown performing on the infield, it’s about giving people more than horse racing for Cup Day on June 13.

“It’s something quirky and different – and totally removed from racing,” ITC general manager Brett Kitching said.

“It’s in line with creating as many attractions and as much appeal for people to come along to the Ipswich Cup.

“Everyone I’ve mentioned it to do date has started smiling, like, ‘You’re what?’

“My wife Annette thought of it. She started talking about it and I thought, ‘Yeah that sounds like a pretty good idea’.”

It got real after that with the realisation the club would have to go by the book to make the record attempt worthwhile.

The club contacted the Guinness World Records people and they sent a four-page list of guidelines including an evidence checklist.

“We have to have a counting method, two independent witnesses and a professional auditing firm. The current record is about 1650,” Kitching said.

“It has to be dark and the sun sets at 5.01pm that day. We normally have 3000-4000 people at the after-party through to 7.30pm.

“Also, what we’re doing this year is funnelling the people from the infield and the marquees on the grandstand side back into the public area where the band Extreme Eighties will be playing for the after-party.”

“We’re asking them to play I Wear My Sunglasses at Night and as per the rules the sunglasses have to be on for five minutes.”

Cup Day is aiming to break sunnies record
Peter Foley, Queensland Times, 21/04/15

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