Rich tradition of horse racing in city

Posted by on Jun 4, 2018

Rich tradition of horse racing in city


DURING a trial handicap at the Bundamba Races on Boxing Day 1899, the horse Lady Val, ridden by 21-year-old George Garrett, fell.

Garrett received severe injuries to the base of his skull and he died a short time later in the Ipswich Hospital.

On April 21, 1900, the first race meeting under the auspices of the newly-formed Ipswich Jockey Clubs registered and protected by the Queensland Turf Club took place on the Bundamba Racecourse.

A Queensland Times correct card of the North Australian Jockey Club’s annual meeting of June 1865 was found by W.E. Wright, Kelvin Grove. It was of satin and the club’s venue was the old Grange Racecourse.

Officials listed on the card were patron Sir G.F. Bowen, president F.E. Biggs, W.H. Yaldwyn was vice-president and the judge Robert Little. E.M. Royds and Joshua Peter Bell were the starters, John Panton and George Faircloth stewards and Hugh Campbell clerk of the course and C. Fattorini was secretary.

Events were the North Australian Grand Handicap Maidens Plate, Selling Stakes and the Hack Stakes.

Owners of the horses were listed as F.E. Bigge, R. Pring, J. Tait, W. Thompson, F. Gregory, T. Driscoll, J. Cunningham, G. Skyring, A. Loder; J Standrin, J.G. Jones, J. Jost, W. Devine, Noah Rapers, T.J. Ryan and C.Horrigan.

1902 – The Harrisville Turf Club held a meeting on the Trelwyn Racecourse which was half a mile from Wilsons Plains Railway Station in 1902. Races were titled Trial Handicap five furlongs, Harrisville Handicap one mile; Lightning Stakes four furlongs, Lady’s Bracelet four furlongs, Jumbo Stakes four furlongs and Trelawny Handicap six furlongs, Prize monies were six, 12 and six pounds, five guineas two guineas and eight pounds respectively.

1902 – Tenders were called on September 1902 for the erection of a building for the Hodson Patent Totalisator machine for Bundamba Racecourse.

1902 – Races were held at Goodna for the first time in five years.

The course was situated about 11/2 miles from the railway station and the land was owned by S. Donaldson a butcher.

The place was naturally adapted for a racecourse, it being seven furlongs in circumference and level.

The running back was of a sandy nature.

1903 – Mr James Kempthorne of Basin pocket was appointed by the Ipswich Amateur Turf Club in 1903 as caretaker of the Bundamba Racecourse.

He received one pound a week.

1903 – The Ipswich Amateur Turf Club’s meeting for March 1903 was abandoned because insufficient entries had been received.

1904 – Elected to office at the annual meeting of the Ipswich Amateur Turf Club in 1904 were – W.H. Summerville the Mayor of Ipswich, President Messrs W. Wilson, H.E. Hall, E. Smith, P Monaghan and George Dowden vice presidents; secretary W. Binnie in his report told of 92 pounds nine shillings and nine pence on the years transactions.

Eight race meetings had been held, but profit had only been made on those held on Easter Monday, Kings Birthday and Boxing Day.

1907 – A race meeting was held at Glamorgan Vale on October 26, 1907, with the races being run in a paddock belonging to W. Gaynor. Among officials were Mrs F Retchlag president; Mr F Wilson hon. Secretary & Messrs W. Schekoske, E. Schmidt, A. Rae, D.T. Keogh M.L.A and J Good.

October 23, 1909; the initial race meeting held under the auspices of the Goodna Jockey Club was held on the Goodna Racecourse on October 23, 1909.

Members who organised the meeting were Mr Holmes, chairman T Brennan treasurer. S C Kelly secretary and Messrs R J McMahon, O Kelsey, T Kerwin and S Donaldson.

MAY 6, 1910 – The Engelsberg (later Kalbar) Races were held on the Carrington Racecourse on May 6, 1910.

JUNE 11, 1910 – 500 hundred pound Ipswich Cup. Greating Racing revival Bundamba racecourse.

June 11, 1910 – Manager John Wren.

MAY 1911 – The first meeting of the Dugundan Jockey Club was held on May 25, 1911, secretary was W. Farley.

June 1911 – The first race meeting of the newly formed Plainland Race Club was held in W. Neumann’s paddock on June 5, 1911.

MAY 1912 – Races held at the Bundamba Racecourse on May 11, 1912, were the Maiden Race 10 pounds, Publican Purse 20 pounds.

Lightning Stakes 12 pounds, Novice Handicap 10 pounds, Amateur Handicap 25 pounds and Flying Welter Handicap 10 pounds.

January 1913 – On January 28, 1913, the annual meeting of the Ipswich amateur turf Club was held in H Green’s Commonwealth Hotel Union Street, Ipswich.

Officers elected were Mr W. H Summerville patron, m J McGrath president, Cr S. H Harding, Messrs John Canty, Harry Green, W.F. Carroll vice-presidents, W. Summerville treasurer.


The inaugural meeting of the Coominya Race Club was held on Easter Monday, 1913. The course was situated in John Neumann’s paddock. President was J.H. Banff, vice-president John Newman, secretary J.C. Fitzpatrick and treasurer/secretary J.W. Heers.

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