Time to party

Posted by on Nov 27, 2019

Time to party

Not great; make it epic

Hosting a party can be tough and we often get asked how do you make a great party a celebration not to be forgotten. There are many factors involved but one recommendation is planning.


Early planning is the key. Decide what type of function you want to host and seek several quotes and availability from venues. You may also want to book in a time to view the venue.

But it doesn’t stop with the booking. If you have an event within three months you may want to start considering the finer items. Talk to your function coordinator about menus, theming and how you want the event to run. That way both parties don’t have any surprises.

Depending on the event type, will depend on how much lead time you need. Weddings will be different but more common now are elaborate engagement parties, milestone birthdays, christenings or even first birthdays.

So as soon as you know some basic details about the even you plan to host, start planning!

Food glorious food

An important element when planning your function is the food. But before you select the food consider how you want your guests to mingle. A sit-down plated dinner or cocktail stand up so people can walk around are just a few options you may consider.

Generally, most venues will have a specific menu to choose from but if you are after something extra ask your event coordinator. Just remember early planning is the key so the chef doesn’t get any surprises.

The menu can leave a lasting impression. Most guests don’t like to leave hungry so ensure you have set the intentions early. Tell your guests what type of function to expect – is it a cocktail function, buffet or plated? It might also help guests work out what to wear!

Rustic, Glam or dazzling?

If you choose to completely deck out your event or just keep it clean and simple, selecting a theme is the best way to start planning your event. Whether it is simply a colour – black and white or something more rustic following to a theme will automatically make your event even more special.

Make sure when you select a center piece check the height. When people are sitting at the table they want to be able to chat to the person opposite them without battling the elements of a center piece.

If you bring your own decorations you may consider something guests can take home after – for example, a vase of flowers for your center pieces so you don’t have to drop back to collect them the next day. Just make sure you let them know or put a note on each item – Thanks for joining us in celebrating. Here’s our gift to you 😊

To be seated

A few hints to getting the right seating plan start with layout. Generally, you won’t want more than 10 people at a table. If you start adding extra guests, it can make it tight for everyone else. You may not want to be rubbing elbows with your neighbour while tucking into a three-course meal.

You will need to factor in items such as dance floors, a duke box or band, or is it registration table or raffle stands. Remember to consider these extra items before you lock in the venue.

Frame it

Have you considered how you want to remember the event. Remember backgrounds of any photo are important. Often people check what’s happening behind the hero before we check the whole photo!

Many venues have a photo wall you could hire or ask your coordinator where some good backdrops are at the venue. Or you may set up your own photo booth and include your hashtags or social handle so people can share their photos with you. And don’t forget lighting!

It’s time to party

Everything’s been planned and now it’s the big day. It’s a good idea to have a running sheet – even if it’s just a few notes to keep you on track.

It’s even more important if you plan to get hair, makeup or that last minute shopping. Or you may need to visit the venue to drop off items such as gifts or those extra items you have prepared.

Arrive on time!

As the host you should arrive before your guests! That way you can double check everything and meet with the event supervisor. You may want to sort out the bar tab or just check timings of food service with speeches. If you arrive 30 minutes before your kick off it will go a long way to ensuring you have a seamless event.

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