Update on Ipswich track improvements

Posted by on Apr 16, 2018

Update on Ipswich track improvements

The Ipswich Turf Club has begun a lengthy project to restore and rejuvenate the course proper.

General Manager Brett Kitching said the project was necessary following the last major track works were back in 2014.

“The surface cushion was eliminated and it is vital to improve the track profile by returning a degree of cushion to maintain a top-quality racing surface,” Mr Kitching said.

“In partnership with Racing Queensland, our aim is that by 2022 the course proper racing surface will have significantly more cushion and a much healthier root zone along with improved drainage.

“The first quarter of 2018 has seen some harsh weather conditions in Ipswich including extreme heat and significant rainfalls and although the track held up well, we are conscious of ensuring a long-term outlook.

“We’re already seeing an improvement in the racing surface from the point of view of returning the cushion since these works commenced.

“We understand there will be short term issues caused by the large volume of sand, but I am happy with the progress and plans the team has made.”

Sean Tou, Track Supervisor, is managing the project and said a regular program involving aeration, dethatching and coring has been planned.

“A few key strategies we’re working on with Racing Queensland to improve the racing surface include reducing compaction through reducing the use of heavy equipment on the track, plus improving the irrigation equipment for the water supply and track irrigation.

Since beginning works in early April, 400 tonne of sand had been distributed on the track proper.

“We anticipate a further 1500 tonne of sand will be spread over the next three years,” Mr Tou said.

“A combination of top dressing with the sand and track patching with a mix of organic material and sand over time will assist in the process.”

Mr Kitching added the team had done an incredible job, consistently producing a quality track and these works would safeguard a sustainable future.

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