Why Jimmy is the best at Bundamba

Posted by on Aug 16, 2016

Why Jimmy is the best at Bundamba

AFTER missing the first meeting of the new racing season at Ipswich, champion jockey Jim Byrne was back on Friday with a winning treble.

It was fitting that Byrne was in the spotlight as he was presented with his 2015-2016 Premiership award soon after collecting the treble.

Ipswich Turf Club committee members – chairman Wayne Patch, Dr Allan Byrnes, Brian Dwyer and Trent Quinn – were on hand to make the presentations to premier trainer Tony Gollan, jockey Jim Byrne and apprentice jockey Jim Orman.

It was Gollan’s second consecutive premiership win at Ipswich finishing with the highest number in recent memory of 31 season winners.

Byrne’s tally of 32 winners was also higher than winning tallies in recent years.

Orman’s tally of 27 was much higher than a normal tally for an apprentice.

Remarkably it was the 10th Premiership win of Byrne at Ipswich.

After winning three apprentice titles early in his career, Byrne has collected seven full senior premierships at Ipswich.

This is a feat that will be mighty difficult to emulate although a jockey like Orman, who hails from nearby Gatton, could be a chance as his career develops.

Already Orman has shown great talent, last season riding record numbers of winners in Queensland for an apprentice.

Byrne’s winners on Friday were Armadante for trainer Campbell Roberts, Lonhaan for Stuart Kendrick, and Flautino for Lindsay Hatch.


Positive stats in ITC annual report

THE Ipswich Turf Club Annual Report is with the printers to be presented at the AGM on September 2.

This report highlights some positive statistics for the Ipswich Racetrack for the season.

Despite contending with significant drainage issues following the works of 2014, there was a record number of race meetings run at Ipswich in the recently completed season.

A total of 50 race meetings on the turf track is an astonishing result with not a single meeting missed for the first time in 12 years.

This was a huge improvement on the previous season when there were 12 meetings lost.

The Ipswich track management team was assisted with the weather pattern over this season as well as being given freedom by Racing Queensland to manage the track maintenance program unlike the previous season.

Another interesting statistic of the annual report is the increase in betting turnover on Ipswich race meetings.

The large number of metropolitan Wednesday meetings across the season assisted this increase as well as the growing turnover on Ipswich racing from “other wagering services providers”.

These providers include other Australian Totalisator organisations as well as on-field bookmakers and corporate bookmakers.

Another area of increased wagering is in relation to international product.

This category does not show up in the annual report however turnover on Ipswich racing internationally again increased as has been the trend over the past decade.

Amazingly, Ipswich racing is beamed to as many as 20 countries around the world.


Next meeting

FRIDAY racing at the Ipswich course continues throughout August, up to the first Friday of September, which is also the date of the ITC AGM.

After large nominations received last week resulting in a full eight race card, there have again been over 100 received this week.

Pictured from left to right is ITC committee member Trent Quinn, ITC Chairman Wayne Patch, Tony Gollan, Jim Orman, Jim Byrne and ITC committee members Brian Dwyer and Dr Allan Byrnes.

Pictured from left to right is ITC committee member Trent Quinn, ITC Chairman Wayne Patch, Tony Gollan, Jim Orman, Jim Byrne and ITC committee members Brian Dwyer and Dr Allan Byrnes.

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