Track update 12 November

Track update 12 November

Date: 12-Nov-2019

A fortnight into the track closure of five months, work has commenced at the Bundamba site.

Although a few early issues with the clay subsurface, hundreds of metres of irrigation trenching and pipe laying has been undertaken as Racing Queensland replaces the 35-year-old irrigation system.

ITC track staff and contractors have reacted well to early issues and great confidence is held that these works will be completed within planned timeframes.

The other element of the track works is installation of drainage channels around the course and will begin later this week.

While the track is closed, Racing Queensland is also undertaking the construction of new race day horse stalls, widening of TL Cooney Avenue, completion of the recently built new Member’s Lounge and installation of the corresponding carpark.

The ITC is also using the down time to continue with refurbishments and upgrades to create a new family restaurant, sports lounge and children’s entertainment precincts to complement the Events Centre upon completion.

While there are some works continuing at the Club, functions are still booking in over the next few months and it is business as usual.

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